Education and fellowships.

Was born on 4th February,1974. Finished secondary school № 673 in Moscow in 1991 with a silver medal.

September 1997.Moscow

Graduated from N.A. Semashko Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute(MMSI) with excellent marks(red diploma). Medical faculty, specialty- General Medicine.

September 1999.Moscow.
Finished clinical Residency in Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies. Specialty- “Traumatology and Orthopaedics”. Passed qualification exam with excellent mark.

October 1999.Moscow.
Orthopaedist- traumatologist of Central Clinical Hospital of Russian Academy of Sciences.

November 2002.Moscow.
Post-graduate student of All-Russia scientific research institute of physical education VNIIFK. Specialty: “Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation”. Orthopaedist- traumatologist of State Clinical Hospital №36.

April 2005.Moscow
Head of the Laboratory of new methods of sports trauma treatment and recovery of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical Education (VNIIFK)

May 2006.Moscow.

Senior researcher at VNIIFK. Orthopaedist- traumatologist, Head of mini-invasive and endoscopic joint surgery course at N.I. Pirogov National Medical Surgical Centre of Roszdrav.

November 2006.Moscow.
Defended PhD thesis in VNIIFK.

March 2007.San Diego.USA
Was chosen as a foreign member of American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons AAOS.                   

May 2008.Moscow.

Was chosen as Docent of Traumatology and Orthopaedics course at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education of N.I. Pirogov National Medical Surgical Centre.

August 2008. Beijing Olympic Games.
Doctor of the Russian team at 2008 Olympic Games.


November 2011. Moscow. Conference “Artromost”. Founder, Organizer.

October 2012. Moscow. International Conference "Artromost".Founder, Organizer.

"Modern technologies in arthroscopy, sports traumatology and orthopedics"

November-December 2013. Moscow.International Conference SUPER ADVANCED "Artromost". Founder, Organizer.


Februare 2014. Olimpic games Sochi 2014.

The main specialist and clinical leader in sports traumatology of the organizing Committee OI Sochi 2014.


Year 2011.

Moscow (Russia)

ASTAOR (Association of Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, Orthopaedic surgery and Rehabilitaion) Congress.
Presented report : “New Augmentation technique of Knee posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction”.

Ansi (France)

Shoulder surgery festival.

Rio de Janeiro(Brasil)

Congress of International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS 2011)

Munich (Germany)

Course: “Hip joint Arthroscopy”.

Porta-Rosh (Slovenia). 

Arthroscopic festival.

Moscow (Russia)

Conference with international participation Artromost 2011 (Interregional society of Sports Traumatology).
Head of the organizing committee, lecturer.

Glebovka (Ukraine)

Congress of Ukrainian society of sports traumatology.

Presented report: “Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. My approach in 2011”.


Performing  surgeries together with Dr. Bruno Tousant.

Year 2010. 

New Orleans (USA)

Shoulder surgical course of Arthroscopy Association of North America(AANA)

 Oslo (Norway)

ESSKA Congress

 York (Great Britain)

Course: “Hip joint arthroscopy”

 Boston (USA)

DePuy Mitek course: “Knee and shoulder arthroscopy”

 Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Course: “Ankle ligament reconstruction plasty”.

 Ekaterinburg (Russia)

The All-Russian symposium : ”Shoulder joint surgery”
Presented report: “Surgical treatment of  patients with shoulder anteromedial instability”.

Year 2009.

Course: “Shoulder arthroscopic surgery”.

 Antwerpen( Belgium)

Fellowship: “Mini-invasive knee surgery”

 Las Vegas (USA)

Congress of American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons(AAOS).
Organizer of the conference “Kiev shoulder course”. Lecturer.

Osaka (Japan)

ISAKOS international conference

 San Diego (USA)

Shoulder surgery course

 Tours (France)

Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction international course.

Year 2008.

March 2008.San Francisco.USA
AAOS Congress and training course.

May 2008. Porto.Portugal

ESSKA Congress attendant.

June 2008. San Diego. California

25th international symposium. Fractures, prosthesis, shoulder artroscopy.

Year 2007. 

February 2007. San Diego.USA
Participant in AAOS Congress and American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) symposium.

 June 2007. Los Angeles. USA

Fellowship at Southern California Orthopaedic Institute in the clinic of Dr. Stephen J. Snyder.

October 2007. Cologne. Germany
AGA Congress attendant.                                                                                                  

Participant in Mitek Surgical Academy. Knee surgery section.

December 2007.Perm.Russia
Head of the seminar and instructional course on surgical technique of knee and shoulder endoscopic surgery for Volga federal District Doctors. Performed 3 demonstrative surgeries with live TV broadcast.

Year 2006.

February 2006.Perugia.Italy
Fellowship at the clinic of Prof. Giuliano Cerulli.

 May 2006.Innsbruck.Austria

Lecturer at ESSKA Congress.

Year 2005.

Fellowship at the Arthroclinic of St. Goran Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Magnus Forsblad in the Department of Arthroscopy and Sports Rehabilitation.

 November 2005.Assisi.Italy

9th International conference Orthopaedics, Biomechanics and Sports rehabilitation Attendant.

Year 2004.

February-March 2004.Feldkirch (Austria)

Was awarded ESSKA scholarship.
Fellowship in Academic Hospital Department of Surgery and Sports Traumatology under the guidance of the  President of ESSKA ,Professor of Innsbruck University, Dr. Karl Peter Benedetto.

 May 2004 Athens (Greece).

 4th World Congress of Sports trauma attendant.

June 2004. Khartoum (Republic of Sudan).

Performed demonstrative arthroscopic knee surgeries with the medical team of Department of Traumatology of Peoples’ friendship University of Russia (PFUR).

 November 2004.Assisi (Italy)

 8th International Conference attendant- Orthopaedics, Biomechanics, Sports rehabilitation.

 November-December 2004. 

Munich (Germany).

Scholarship holder of Arthroscopic Society of German Speaking Сountries (AGA).
Fellowship in the Department of Sports Orthopaedics  under the guidance of the President of AGA, Prof. Andreas Imhoff.

Year 2002. 

October 2002. Oxford. Great Britain.
Full course of unicompartmental knee replacement.

Year 2001.

November 2001. Budapest. Hungary
Instructional ESSKA(European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee surgery and Arthroscopy) course .