Science activity

The major direction in the scientific work of our team is the research in clinic biomechanics of sports traumatology. The scientific activity is held on the base of the All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Physical Training and Sports (VNIIFK), headed by a member of RAN Tonevitsky A.G.

Our laboratory is supplied with 3D- video motion analysis system, stabilometric platform of the latest generation, isokinetic dynamometer of the 3rd generation. It helps to estimate the results of recovery after surgery methods performed and fairly measure their effectiveness. Scientific consultants of our team are world famous specialists in sports traumatology research:

  • Mario la Montagne

  • Giuliano Cerulli

  • Eanar Ericsson

  • Susan Werner

The prototype is the laboratory of Professor Giuliano Cerulli, who we have been cooperating with for three years already.

A multidiscipline scientific group which option is Rossport snowboarding was created consisting of: Milenin O.N., Arkov V.V.  and others. Their primary goal is an improvement of performances of Russian Olympic athletes due to the system of measures of Sports Medicine for musculoskeletal disorder and trauma prevention.