Medical practice

The clinical base for appointments and surgical treatment of the patients is National Medical Surgical Center N.I. Pirogov of Roszdrav, that is considered to be the best among the largest medical centres in Russia.

The clinic is equipped with the most modern medical diagnostic equipment, is oriented on providing the availability of high- technology help  and has the best quality/price ratio in Moscow.

The head of National Medical Surgical Center N.I. Pirogov is a member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMN), Yuri Leonidovich Shevtshenko.

Moscow clinic location : Nizhnyaya Pervomayskaya street, 70

In our clinic we create individual programmes of treatment and rehabilitation for every patient, that include newest scientific developments in orthopaedics and sports traumatology with the use of the most modern equipment.

Most of the surgeries are performed with the use of arthroscopic equipment, through small cuts in the joint area. And also with the help of special equipment through small incisions in  a mini-invasive way. (Technologies applied)

Arthroscopy method let  patients have a very quick recovery and reduces the terms of hospital stay.  Average period of staying at our clinic is about 2-3 days.

What should you do to receive our medical treatment?
Contact our secretary 7(495)740-66-88 and schedule the appointment.

At the first appointment we gather the information , examine the patient, and if it is necessary, appoint some more diagnostic methods, such as tomograms, special scans and so on. If there is a need of a surgery it is necessary to do pre-operative exams.